A gigantic atomic creature has been tracked to San Diego, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

Godzilla has struck Comic-Con, and Legendary is inviting you to get closer to the King of the Monsters than ever before, with the ultimate Godzilla fan event.

To secure your Encounter Pass, visit the Legnedary Booth (#3920) at San Diego COMIC-CON® 2013.

Download the Official App to track the creature’s radioactive bio- signature, and discover where the creature will strike next.

Stay tuned to godzillaencounter.com, your gateway to live updates from the Encounter.

Join the conversation at #godzillaencounter to become part of the survivor feed.

And pay close attention to the ENCOUNTER feed, where secrets are waiting to be revealed...

Use #GodzillaEncounter on Twitter or Instagram for a chance to be featured in the Survivor Feed

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